How To Hide Page on A Dealer.Com Website

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How To Hide Page on A Dealer.Com Website

What if you wanted to know, how to hide page on a website, not remove them completely? Hiding pages in your website allows you to remove access to the page. Which may make it less visible in search engine results and can stop casual users from seeing it altogether.

If you are looking to improve your website’s conversion rate and don’t want users straying away from the main parts of the site. Try hiding pages that aren’t relevant or helpful to what you offer now. This guide will help you do that!

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To hiding work, you need 2 things: JavaScript and CSS. There are many online resources that can show you how to do either or both of these if you don’t have any knowledge yourself. You also want to make sure your web browser is up-to-date, as older browsers might not support some of what you need.

You also want to be aware that most sites will block some JavaScript from loading because they think it is malware (it isn’t). And, You can get around that by using Google Chrome, which allows all scripts unless they are specifically blocked by the site owner.

Once you know how to do those two things, then it’s just time for trial and error. I suggest making a backup copy of your files before trying anything.

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If you have an ecommerce store and don’t want customers accessing certain areas of your site. You can use browser’s developer tools to make these areas invisible. If your theme doesn’t allow for it, there are plugins that’ll let you do it.

This should probably be left for more advanced users though as hiding certain pages can break things in other ways. In addition, if you do use plugins or add code to disable access from customers. Make sure your theme is set up correctly so search engines will still be able to access these pages.

More than anything else, remember that modifying themes and adding code should only be done with caution as you could accidentally break things if they’re not done right.

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To change how your listing appears, you can change your keywords and description. The way in which you describe your dealership will allow potential customers to better understand what they’re looking at when they view your listing (though you may want to keep some of that information hidden from view).

To edit these parts of your listing, you can click on a magnifying glass at the top of any page. Then type in and/or search for terms that describe what you’d like to change about your posting. From there, click Save and voila! Your updates are saved.

Note: Changes made using this feature are not immediate; most changes will go live within 24-48 hours after being submitted. If you need an update sooner than that, please submit a request with our Customer Care team.

Title: How to Hide Page on a Website? Click magnifying glass: When it comes time to sell your car, there are few things more frustrating than getting a lowball offer.

When it comes time to buy one though, finding out how much one is worth before walking into an office is equally important. Especially if you don’t have much experience in buying cars or negotiating prices.

It’s easy enough for anyone with access to Google (and even those without) to find out how much cars typically sell for online. But finding exact prices from real buyers and sellers has always been more difficult.

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How To Hide Page on A Dealer.Com Website

  • In Dealer Admin System -> User Setup, select which user account you would like to assign rights for, then click Edit User Profile.
  • In Seller’s Admin Panel -> Manage Dealers -> Accounts/Groups menu item select Sales from Account Group List and click save.
  • Select Account Groups from drop down menu at left under Sales Sections column.
  • Select Review Page Order link in drop down menu under Sales Section Name column.
  • Check out attached PDF file for visual demonstration of how to Hide Page on a Website do it yourself (image 1).

You will notice there are 2 Access Roles at top level – Dealer Admin Role and Seller Admin Role. You can assign individual users or groups as either Dealer Admin Role or Seller Admin Role roles.

And, You may also want to create new roles within each group if you need more granular access control. For example, create Sales Manager role within your Sales group if you want to give some users higher level access than others. Add your desired users as either Dealer Admin Role or Seller Admin Role.

Scroll Down and Find Check Box Next to Hide This Page

The title of your hidden page is displayed next to Show Page link above. You can use any title, like How-to’s. However, if you have several pages that you want visitors to find out about by scrolling down and reading all of them.

You will be better off using an imaginary company name (like DealerCo inc) as your page title in order not to confuse or distract them from discovering your other valuable information and pages.

The title field is immediately below form where checkbox for hiding/showing of particular content is located. And is set by default during installation but can be changed at any time through module configuration parameters if needed.